Visiting and working

China as a tourist destination

China’s famous historical and cultural sites, beautiful natural scenery, and rich tradition of customs attract an increasing number of foreign tourists. In recent years, China has also developed its tourism environment with large investments in transportation, hotels, and attractions with quality services for visitors.

Chinese people are patriotic and proud of their rich culture and history originating several thousand years ago. There are cultural and linguistic variations in different regions of China, and fifty-five minority groups, have their own unique cultures, languages, and customs.

China is famous for its cuisine and food culture. Food serves important social functions in the Chinese society, including expressing the degree of interpersonal relationship (different foods convey different meanings), expressing social status and belonging to a group, conveying meanings such as longevity and good luck. People treat others with meals in order to make new friends or to enhance established relationships.

Before coming to China

Finnish citizens need a visa to enter China. However, there are some exemptions for short transit stays and for sightseeing in groups. Before travelling to China it is important to find out information about the process and forms of visa application: the authorities provide detailed information on, Guidelines of visiting China.

Immigration and employment

There are websites, which specialize in helping foreigners to find employment opportunities in China. Native speakers of English are always in demand, for instance, for teaching posts and for marketing, sales and consulting linked to overseas business activities. High quality specialists in various industries (e.g., game industry, creative sectors, scientists) can also find interesting work opportunities. Naturally, international businesses operating in China provide a feasible option to get into the Chinese labour market.

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